Having heard positive feedback from the other elementary schools in our District, we are opening a new fundraising opportunity here at Washington Elementary. 

We chose this opportunity because there is no personal selling by students, no collection of money, and no delivery of products through our school. With their parents' help, students can use the Online Invitation tool to send emails inviting family and friends to support our school by doing their everyday shopping through SchoolStore.com for a full calendar year. (SchoolStore.com states that they take families' privacy very seriously and uses a secure site. The personal information and email addresses will never be used for any other purpose.)

Text Link: <A HREF="http://www.schoolstore.com/cgi/index.cgi?asdnumber=0000011947">Support our school when you shop at SchoolStore.com.</A>


SchoolStore Kick-off Video: <A HREF="http://www.schoolstore.com/video">Watch the SchoolStore Kick-Off Video.</A>