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The 2014-15 School Year is Off to a Great Start!

Our staff has done a wonderful job of preparing for the new school year. Their dedication and hard work are one of the reasons it’s great to be a wolf.


Over the first few days of school I saw many wonderful examples of teaching and learning. These included:

  • Teaching school expectations and routines
  • Hands on math experiences related to counting, place value and multiplication
  • Development of academic vocabulary using concrete materials and visuals
  • Reading comprehension strategies and practice
  • Social skills lessons on teamwork and cooperation
  • And much, much more


Part of my role as a school principal is to facilitate communication between our school and you. Feel free to contact me if you have questions, concerns or words of appreciation.


WWU Partnership with Washington School

Below you will find a link to an interactive newsletter designed to share information about Washington School’s partnership work with Western Washington University.

The Collaborative Schools for Innovation and Success (CSIS) partnership has been a wonderful part of our school over the past year and a half.

Please enjoy this summary of the many activities that are part of this partnership.

CSIS Newsletter





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