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Fall Family Meetings

This year the Mount Vernon School District has moved elementary conferences from November to October.
The earlier conferences will not be tied to the first trimester report card. Instead, the purpose of the conference is for our teachers to learn more about your child by visiting with you.  Your time slot will be scheduled on either October 14, 15 or 16.

At Washington we are excited about this change. We are calling the October conferences “Fall Family Meetings” and our goal is to meet with 100% of our families!

During the Fall Family Meetings your child’s teacher wants to hear about your hopes and dreams for your child. They are interested in learning from you about your child’s strengths. They want to know what seems to be working so far this school year and about any concerns that need addressing.

You can expect your child’s teacher to ask questions during the Fall Family Meeting such as:


  1. Can you tell me a story about your child that would help me get to know him/her better?

  2. What are your hopes and dreams for your child?

  3. What are you hearing from your child about school so far?

  4. What do you see as your child’s strengths both in and out of school?

  5. What do you think would be important for us to focus on this year?

  6. Are there things I can do or our school can do that would be important to support your child?

I believe Fall Family Meetings will be very helpful as we team with you to create a successful school year for your child.

As the dates draw near, you’ll see more information about scheduling these meetings.



WWU Partnership with Washington School

Below you will find a link to an interactive newsletter designed to share information about Washington School’s partnership work with Western Washington University.

The Collaborative Schools for Innovation and Success (CSIS) partnership has been a wonderful part of our school over the past year and a half.

Please enjoy this summary of the many activities that are part of this partnership.

CSIS Newsletter





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